Getting the most out of your admin team – they can be expensive!

Most recruiters will have the admin team to help them with tasks that distract them from being on the phone, makes sense right? But how do you make sure that resource delivers real benefit to the business?

Lets start with cost – if you think of a city based firm, they have a entry level salary say £18k, the desk in the office – say £3k, the tech – say £1k, then all the other bits such as staff perks, Christmas lunches, drinks after work. It doesn’t take too long and your looking at a cost of £23k-£25k so getting a return is a must.

Top 3 tips:

  1. Focused work that is tracked – it is easy for admin teams to be used for lots of non core work activities, so it is essential that recruiters keep them focused on activities that will drive business success. How many CVs a day should they do, what’s the allowance for error, how much downtime do they have and how can we fill it systematically and not ad hoc
  2. Talent pool – they see the business for what it is and can give huge intelligence on what could be done better. Engage the team in a way that promotes opportunity and value and not just bottom of the food chain. If its the future ops help or even a budding recruiter, they may be a better talent pool than you think
  3. Make tough decisions – if its too much of a cost, reduce it. Either reduce the size of the team, the hours or even make them homeworkers – not many forms can carry this level of cost. Clearly getting rid of people also comes at a cost so considering the long term when you firstly recruit or divest is essential.

When thinking about how you deal with admin and sales support need within the business, employees may not be the answer. If your growing and cant invest, bring the standards up of recruiters and force them to create CVs in a standard format as a minimum – first impressions count and there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a poor CV. If you don’t want to distract recruiters, there are software options out there and investment in process may be painful CapEx but worthwhile long term.

Finally – outsourcing. The market is growing and India is the most obvious place to go, cheap and quick.

Don’t want cheap and quick – use Lion and Bear, best of both worlds! Quality, quick and cheaper than an employee!

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