Our Story

We started Lion&Bear as we knew that having teams of sales support sitting in expensive offices made no sense - we know because that's what we used to do.  From years of experience in sales support, resourcing and as recruiters we wanted to create a model that allowed a better service for a fraction of the price. On top of that, we became mums and wanted a company that gave us and other parents the ability to continue doing an excellent job with the flexibility of not being stuck in an office or battling through the daily commute.

And it's working

The name?  Well that's easy, it for our sons!

Meet the Team

Great to meet you!

L&B Lion

Sian Hamm


Sian has extensive experience of sales support in the recruitment industry having working for a number of major city firms for over 7 years

Bear HD Logo

Hayley Ashall


Hayley knows what its like to be a recruiter- she spent over 5 years working with a number of high growth firms. Based on her knowledge she can spot the best way to support recruiters who want to drive success

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