Our Story

Leo & Bear

We became mothers only months apart in 2014 to the most incredible little boys, Leo and Bear. After both having very successful careers working for some of the best recruitment agencies around, we decided our new lives (post Leo & Bear) needed flexibility.

Over the years we had built a foundation of knowledge within the industry which gave us the confidence to go for it! We teamed up and together we created something quite unique. The business was created with flexibility in mind so we could be present for our boys, and not miss anything.

The idea behind the business name was easy!

Our decision on growing the brand was to employ other mother’s / parents like us, with industry knowledge who needed the flexibility to work. We are pleased to say we have done just that.

Our boys have grown from strength-to-strength and likewise so has Lion&Bear.

Meet the team

Great to meet you!

Hayley Ashall, Founder

Right from the beginning of my career within recruitment, I was extremely fortunate to have been trained and guided by exceptional management.

I was also taught that to be a great recruiter it was about me as an individual and what makes me stand out. I spent over 5 years working with high growth firms and the knowledge and confidence it gave me was priceless.

I wanted to recruit in an area that I was passionate about, helping secure jobs for individuals like myself that need flexibility.

Lion&Bear was created to support recruiters, an industry I know well, but also to open unique opportunities and I knew I could use the skills and network I had to make that happen.

I spot the best way to support businesses to drive success and Sian and I have created the best team for the job! 

Sian Hamm, Founder

I have always found that my greatest value is supporting others, so the decision to work as a recruitment PA come naturally to me. I thrived within the fast-paced, competitive culture and it allowed me to slot in and pick up the pieces that the recruiters didn’t have time to manage. From the beginning of my career in 2006, I had the pleasure of working with a number of high growth recruitment firms and the skills gained from supporting those teams over the years has brought to where I am today. 

Hayley and I knew that our individual skillset and strengths would work perfectly together and be what was needed to create a successful business. My commitment, quality, and output help to build individuals and teams to deliver time and time again for their clients. From starting Lion & Bear and focusing on recruitment, we have successfully deployed this approach and commitment to other sectors and helped our clients work faster, quicker and be more focused on revenue. 

Next Steps