The go-to business for flexi remote working

Lion&Bear, your go-to business for remote working, 9-5 admin support and exceptional talent. Our most recent venture in growing the L&B brand saw the introduction of our flexi team: a unique talented workforce of flexi workers who are specialists within their industry. We become your extended team.  After lots of research over the years, it seemed that there were not enough opportunities for candidates with specialist experience to work a flexi week. We discovered this forgotten workforce of parents who were desperate to utilise their skillset, post baby, but couldn’t find anything flexible to work around their young families. There was no support and we needed to change that! 

Whether it’s 9-5 daily support you need or a flexi worker one on one, our team are ready! We take a step-by-step approach in understanding your business requirements, gather all the key elements to source and screen the right fit for your team.

Meet The Directors

Sian Hamm & Hayley Ashall

Over 6 years we have successfully built a brand that is recognised within the industry for its flexible, cost effective, reliable, and trustworthy service.

The Lion&Bear partnership was forged in 2014, having worked together previously within the recruitment industry and bringing together combined experience of over a decade, we felt an outsourced business with our knowledge and expertise had a lot to offer.

We knew the demands of the industry and how essential it was to always be one step ahead of your competitors. Delegation is a key fundamental when growing any successful business, we are not built to manage everything at once and juggling too much often ends in failure. We decided to build an outsourced team of specialists who could become an extension to your team and present your business in the right way.

We are extremely proud of Lion&Bear, the results and achievements over the years have been more than we could have ever hoped for. The bar is set, and we continue to meet it, businesses are consistently evolving and so are we. We keep in regular contact with our clients to understand the trends within the market and how’s best we can support new and existing clients.

We are looking forward to working with you. 

Sian & Hayley 

Our Testimonials

“The team at Lion & Bear have been key during the start up phase of my business at LBR Legal Business Recruitment. They take the time to tailor the service to your needs and the service has been prompt, accurate and professional.”

Nikki BjurenVall, Director
Lbr legal business recruitment

“Hayley and the team at Lion&Bear were very professional, prompt and the services were delivered exactly as promised. I look forward to working with the team again, and would be happy to recommend.”


“Lion and Bear have added significant value. Both Sian and Hayley understand our business needs and make sure that they cover every detail. I would highly recommend Lion and Bear to any Recruitment business”

Daniel Patching, MD,
morris Jane associates